The posings of a poet.


I have stood in the face of conflict. I have not chosen it, but I have OFTEN finished it.
I often feel a magnet for it. I feel I am a peacemaker. An Old West Gunfighter. A vigilante of Order.
People have come to me to resolve conflict. It often conflicted with my schedule, but I made room. I was once instructed in handling conflict. I laughed and walked away. All felt the conflict follow me. I have fought Cold Wars of conflict. I have contradicted and conflicted my own soul. I see this and still do it for not wanting it. Perhaps it is I draw it to me. Perhaps I find myself as samurai did; Warriors at peace in conflict and at conflict with peace. I have faced conflict. I have overcome obstacles. I have tried to shed grace, but I find I still do not know grace myself except in daily beauty. In embraces, touches, gifts, receipts. Advances, retreats. Smiles, kisses. The earthskymoonstarssun.
And none understand least of all me in what this could be will be is becoming. But I see I am in conflict and perhaps ever shall be. In struggling I find strength. In standing I find my footing. In fear I find faith. In conflict I find contrast and see I am not all I could be, do not know all I should, should learn more than I have, in short, I realize I need to grow. I was born to conflict. TO strike together. To leave a resounding answer. Only it doesn’t always sound like anything more than a quarrel in my mind.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. perhaps the conflict is a mirror…we teach what we need to learn, so the saying goes. My standing rule is, “What can I learn here?” And I keep getting the lesson until I figure it out. 🙂 takes awhile sometimes. I say, “hey! didn’t I already have this one?” “Yep!” is the response. hugs, pat

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