The posings of a poet.

Sadderday and the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything

So it had been some time

Since I have conversed in rhyme

The dialogue flows ever on

Here I capture it before it’s gone

Much has changed, much stained he same

So much hope put behind one man’s name

Only one has been worthy of the place

Of him lately so little trace

Here my thoughts, my prayers, my heart

Here may the healing and revealing start

Here I stand against what is unjust

Here I declare what the faithful must

I am imperfect and deserving no grace

But here I stand as witness it grows in the space

Between what you’re taught and what you have learned

Between bridges you’ve built and ones that you’ve burned

Between hatred that seethed and love that has yearned

Between those that you struck and the cheek you have turned

Grace fully received has never been earned

Let those that would hear understand and discern

Here I draw my line in my hand

Here I state what I am as a man

Here I take up the cause of the few

The lives you say matter are only like you

I say these lives are the ones downtrodden

Bad apples don’t get better, but rotten

Stand for the truth, don’t let them peddle lies

Your ears have been tickled while innocence dies

Realize you cannot make one issue your cause

For in winning that point you’ve fallen into the jaws

Of a beast who knew your language and all the words

But sold your soul while you rested assured

Come back to the light, return to what’s real

There is still fire and truth and zeal

95 theses was once a start

I tack these lines upon my heart

None shall die or be condemned

As long as I draw breath I will defend

The right of every child woman and man

To be free and pursue a whole healthy land

If you feel that you might join in this my vow

Post to your own heart what you stand for right now

In words that are flowery or words that are plain

All that matters is one simple refrain

I stand for what’s just what’s fair and what’s right

I will sacrifice what I have and with all my might

I will protect those who need to be brought into the light

I battle my privilege and swear now to fight

Whatever comes next that is not rooted in love

And call down blessings from heaven above

On all my companions who have deeper sight

And march with this army, these Warriors of Light

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