The posings of a poet.

Tightrope Philosophy

There once was a man who feared not heights but falling

So what did he take up as his life’s calling?
Walking the high wire in the big top, you see
He had to face fear in his way to be free
The first rule he learned was not to look down
The second was smile when you’d rather frown
These rules would grow into how he viewed
How to live life with meaning imbued
Each person you meet may not walk your way
Whether by birth or because they had a bad day
The rule of not looking down here applies
Meet each person with respect and look in their eyes
Perhaps you are offered an opportunity or gift
That is less than you’re used to and your thoughts drift
Toward what is unkind, ungrateful or rude
Do not look down and their kindness exclude
In living these out sometimes he found
That sadness did grow, increase and abound
Not in what was less in what others would do
But in himself for judging what was untrue
But the fact that he saw it brought into view
The need to practice rule number two
Self disappointment or life’s pain and stress
Could change your face by means of duress
Unless on a day when way up in the air
Questioning the choices that brought you there
You have to learn to smile when you must
Not just when you wish to, though it seems unjust
Often others have struggles and need to know
They’re not alone and the best way to show
Is to smile as you struggle but be honest too
Face life and yourself with an attitude you
Could look back upon and later be proud
That by no problem was your joy ever cowed
Smile on through the storms and walk tall and proud
Your tightrope is life, take a bow for the crowd

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One thought on “Tightrope Philosophy

  1. A most enjoyable read.

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