The posings of a poet.

Epiphany Lights

Have you ever been caught at a changing light
When the moment, the music and timing are right
And it’s as if you can see all the world at a glance
And the outcome of every opportunity or chance
It all seems so clear for a moment or two
But then you rush off because a horn blew
Life used to have moments where one could just pause
But that was back when we allowed for faux paus
Now we’ve constructed from an unconscious need
A device that requires we lessen our speed
And sit for a time and mayhaps have a thought
That not all happiness can be bundled, purchased or caught But must at times be observed and allowed to move on Enjoyed and digested before it is gone
So next time you’re tempted to honk when it’s green
Wait one more minute as they take in the unseen
For when their world is clearer yours will be too
Pause for my epiphany light and I will for you

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