The posings of a poet.


251/365 September 8 - You're Right. No Human B...

(Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

  • I think poets are all schizophrenic. Not mentally, but spiritually. We see what IS lived,but we also see what SHOULD BE lived. Writing is what keeps us sane.
  • Life is stranger than fiction, and strangers are fiction in life.
  • Let love be the rule, let the little things slide, let beauty be tool, and joy be our guide.

  • Take the coin of knowledge and invest it in the bank of experience, allow the interest of understanding to accrue and your dividend will be wisdom.
  • Let us rename them Complicated, Overtly Self-important type messaging devices. I want a CORDED phone again. With a rotary dial. I want to concentrate on communication not entertainment. Can’t it all wait until I get to the house anyway. It used to…
  • Answers only lead to more questions. Questioning leads to realization.

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