The posings of a poet.


I met a man within the Wood

No body no face yet there he stood

Well sort of leaned on the fading light

And spoke in a voice dark as midnight

“I am the you you’ve held within

Hatred, guilt, half-truths, and sin

I am the you you’ll always be

The path you’ve trod has led to me”

The Moon arose and my shadow twin

Faded a bit and on the wind

I heard a voice like crystal tinkling

Offer me hope, even if only an inkling

“Just as the Moon the Shadow dissolves

Reflect on this and your mind resolve

Your shadow twin here you must slay

Or your path ends here and you will betray

All you wished to build and be

So bury him and follow me”

So there I stood

In half lit wood

A crossroads in my mind

And though I tell

My story well

I leave for you to find

If on that eve I buried deep the shadow I’d become

Or to that darker self and haunted way I did succumb

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