The posings of a poet.

Epiphany Lights

Have you ever been caught at a changing light
When the moment, the music and timing are right
And it’s as if you can see all the world at a glance
And the outcome of every opportunity or chance
It all seems so clear for a moment or two
But then you rush off because a horn blew
Life used to have moments where one could just pause
But that was back when we allowed for faux paus
Now we’ve constructed from an unconscious need
A device that requires we lessen our speed
And sit for a time and mayhaps have a thought
That not all happiness can be bundled, purchased or caught But must at times be observed and allowed to move on Enjoyed and digested before it is gone
So next time you’re tempted to honk when it’s green
Wait one more minute as they take in the unseen
For when their world is clearer yours will be too
Pause for my epiphany light and I will for you

The Prosperity of Problems

If the ground did not conspire to keep the seed within

The flower could not support itself nor the leaves begin

If the water did not resist the fish as it swam along
The creature could not draw a breath nor exist for long
If the path did not push against the bottoms of your feet
Then you could not advance nor make needed retreat
If the air did not assail the bird, attempting to change its course
Then flight would be impossible and not inspiration’s source
If friction did not check each flint and therefore cause a spark
Then fire never would have been and we’d be in the dark
If wisdom itself did not elude those who did not truly seek
Then fools would prove that knowing was just enough to speak
If love did not duel within each and every soul
Then finding it and knowing it would cease to make us whole
If you cannot begin within these words a truth to see
Then you my friend will be unlike to prosper from adversity


From the very center of life’s cove
I swam out and down I dove
And there beheld a dreamlike grove
That glistened, shone, flowed and hove
I realized, just then, by Jove
That beauty dwells wher’er we rove
Since that time I ever strove
To seek and divulge each such trove
For they surround us drove by drove
And since creation our souls throve
On dissecting clove by clove

The beauty within that life wove

Clothes Pets

As a young lad I once was asked
Why I had not finished the math I was tasked
The question was accompanied by a rhetorical jibe
And insects in my clothing they begun to describe
So I answered as any good child should
In the affirmative as my imagination could

“Ants in my pants? Why yes, yes indeed.
But the gnu in my shoe is an interesting breed.
And other than that there’s a bat in my hat.
I’m not sure what to do, I’m just glad it’s no rat.
There’s some pest in my vest that’s squirming so,
I think the fox in my socks brought it in, don’t you know.
I won’t mention the bear in my…well you know…
But without them there I’d be bare too, so it goes.
My shirt? In my shirt there’s a squirt, from…octopi
Don’t get too close or you’ll get ink in your eye.
Then there’s the goat in my coat, but then he
Is out there on the hook  just waiting for me.
So you see the ants aren’t all to my squirms.
I’m just on great big can of worms!”

This is where I…

This is where I leave you, since it is far from where you were found
This is where I found you, though it is not where you are bound
This is where I brought you, and where you led me too
This is where I followed you, and by it we both grew

This is where I taught you, more in deed than word
This is where I spoke you, between the voice and what is heard
This is where I raised you, from unknowing and from doubt
This is where I believed you, the you that I would tout

This is where I loved you, in my need as in yours
This is where I fulfilled you, and you opened all my doors

This is where I imagine you, reading and breathing each phrase
This is where I leave you…


For Micah
Poems are a form of prayer
I hope that they can reach you there
I write and write and feel relief
Though the feeling is passing brief
I would join you where you are
I know you’re near but it feels so far
They say a loss leaves a phantom pain
Does the sky hurt at the falling of the rain
I know I hurt at the falling of a tear
God how I wish you were here
If you hear this or over my shoulder read
Know that I’ll ever love you in word and deed
Someday I’ll join you and know you more
Until then that’s what my writing’s for
A prayer for you to know me by
A loving hello to replace a tearful goodbye
A release of what has passed this year
A call to remind you that you are dear
A piece of me I give to you
All to say that I love you

Sandman’s Companion

Hello there, I see you’re back
   Yes, though really I never left
Ah, so you were just waiting to attack?
   That is a realization most deft
Why is it you haunt me so?
   Why can’t you see you’re to blame?
Why follow me most everywhere I go?
   Why won’t you just say my name?
I’d call you friend, as I see,
You remind me what is needed
   It is the reason I came to be
   Though my advice is rarely heeded
But then it seems we often battle
So I can face my day
   Go ahead believe your prattle
    You’ll still follow in my way
But I have this and that to do
   I know you’re very busy
I have not planned this time for you
   But you’re looking a bit dizzy
Fine, just leave me be and I will…
   What? Rest a little later?
Yes, if that will pay the bill
    Perhaps, but I’ll be greater
Why is it you must hound me so
   Why won’t you just relent?
Tiredness, you must really go
    I will, when to bed you’re sent

The Thing Is

The distance between memory prophecy and deja vu
Is the same as the length of a promised tomorrow
The similarity closeness here between me and you
Is the same as the good intents with which we borrow
The height of our flightful trajected arc
Is the same as the spinning of the suspended sun
The depths of our passion in the dark
Is the same as the link between joy and fun
The purity of purpose in our possession
Is the same as the purported problem in a hurricane
The inadequacy of words to make this confession
Is the same as language barrier between parts of my brain
The love I bear for the heart you hold
Is the same as that first created to sing
The love I feel from that heart that continues to unfold
Is the same hope to which the drowning cling

Bit of a Tic

If you’ll excuse my being pedantic
You may find this a little bit mantic
Or perhaps just another antic
As my words seem a jumble quite frantic
It’s just that when I get semantic
And in truth a bit sycophantic
I seem to notice something gigantic
Behind the way that you call me romantic


Words fly like insubstantial birds
Through the air like an arrow from the yew
And strike a chord within me I begin to understand
Love floats down from high above
More than letters at their core
Intentions thoughts plans connections beyond conventions
Desire delight defense freedom faith fire
Pleasure passion pursuit time tenderness treasure
Temptation trepidation trial surrender surreal sensation
Birds insubstantiate the flight of Words
The yew forms the arrow that it Threw
Understand to begin me within a chord strike an And
Above high from down flees Love
Core their letters and see More
Conventions beyond connect plans thought Intentions
Fire faith with freedom in defense of delighted Desire
Treasure tenderness and time pursuit with passionate Pleasure
Sensation is surreal surrender to trials of trepidation or Temptation

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