The posings of a poet.


I am a Writer, a Pilgrim, an Adventurer, and a Lover of Life.

I hold a degree in religion and the hands of my children.

I love words and hope to connect to the world through them.

It’s all a story and we are the scribes.

20 thoughts on “About

  1. iamlenise on said:

    This is awesome..A great goal and well said 🙂

  2. ClownPonders on said:

    Just seen the comment you just left, you were actually on my first 3 poets to ask list haha! I asked the last two poetry challenge winners and was just about to ask you!
    How would you feel about taking part in it?
    Either comment back on here or email me at cjbwork@hotmail.co.uk

  3. DP, thank you for following my poetry blog, and for all your kind comments there. Yes, it seems we share many obsessions in common! I Iook forward to enjoying more of your writing here. Cheers!

  4. Thank you for following, looking forward to more of your poems 🙂

  5. Love what you’ve created here.. will be following 🙂

  6. kimtb on said:

    Hi again, I posted your poem this morning. I paired it with a lovely coffee from the UK. Hope you like it. http://caffeinatedbydesign.com/2012/05/08/caffeinati-a-poem-for-coffee/. Thank you!

  7. ~R.L.King on said:

    I’m guessing you don’t bother with these, but you’re on my list just the same… http://rlbk75.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=690&action=edit&message=6&postpost=v2

  8. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Your blog, and poems are awesome. Here’s the post on it, http://greencheata.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/marvelous-monday/

  9. Awesome poems you had man…a soul-speaking one. Keep it up! 🙂

  10. Marie Taylor on said:

    Thanks for visiting and liking the post. Best wishes, Marie

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