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Well, Well, Well

I once asked a wishing well
If it had any good stories to tell
At once it cleared its stony throat,
I will do my best to quote
“Many like to wish upon a star
But really that will not get them far
They are not of this world, you see
They have no power compared to me
Some rub lamps and have some luck
When a being inside was stuck
But often these will come to naught
As in your syntax you are caught
Others blow candles as if they
Could find light in where darkness lay
But then the trick is a secret kept
Once it’s told, many have wept”
“I see” said I, upon the hearing
Of all this wishing from a throat clearing
“And you, my friend, do you care to tell
Why wishing with you will turn out well?”
* (For a mythic ending follow the next star, or continue here)
A sigh arose from deep within
As if to say, “Must I again?”
It seemed it would sit and soak
In it’s wisdom, but then it spoke
“Wishing here, right from the start
Is only ever from the heart
Something of my liquid core
Connects as though in wanting more
Wishes are fulfilled by me
But a few are allowed to see
That stating here what you desire
Is only the spark to start the fire
Unlike all those other ways
The wish echoes on through one’s days
And if one cares, one may add
Fuel to that spark and find they’ve had
The power to make their wishes true
And so I pass along to you
Wishing may not make it so
But remembering them will make you grow”
* I became entranced by Norse legend and the connection to wishing wells and the End of the World, if you’d like to “Choose-Your-Own-Ending” and see that side of the story SCROLL DOWN until I figure out how to add a sub-post. 🙂
“Since before Mimir lost his head
Or Odin plucked eye from his head
I have bubbled up by Yggdrasil
Wishing wisdom on all to spill
Spilling ever into Gjallahorn
Of which I ever try to warn
When drinking turns to vulgar blow
The Beginning from The End will flow
The Serpent will cause the waves to break
Loki freed will cause no quake
The Wolf’s jaws attempt to swallow all
While burning giants ride the squall
Surtr with sword outshining sun
Will see the doom of this world begun
And set fire so that none may flee
Slowly the earth sinks into the sea
And yet two will survive within a wood
All will begin and again be good
Thus The End doth ever spell
The beginning of wishing, and wishing well.”

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