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For Micah
Poems are a form of prayer
I hope that they can reach you there
I write and write and feel relief
Though the feeling is passing brief
I would join you where you are
I know you’re near but it feels so far
They say a loss leaves a phantom pain
Does the sky hurt at the falling of the rain
I know I hurt at the falling of a tear
God how I wish you were here
If you hear this or over my shoulder read
Know that I’ll ever love you in word and deed
Someday I’ll join you and know you more
Until then that’s what my writing’s for
A prayer for you to know me by
A loving hello to replace a tearful goodbye
A release of what has passed this year
A call to remind you that you are dear
A piece of me I give to you
All to say that I love you


afikomen bag: getting ready for the goods

the coming one

for Micah

If we had known that meal was last

What would have changed in that repast

If we had known how short the days

Would we have amended mundane ways

If we had known what followed here

Could we have held you more than near

If we had known when that morning came

Would we have faced it meek and tame

If we had known the very hour

Would we have had any more power

If we had known or could have foreseen

Would we have understood all it will mean

If we had known from that day to this

What would have changed in all we miss

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