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All the Feels

When it feels like
You’ve lost
It’s because you’ve
Likely won
When you feel there’s
Only darkness
It’s because you’ve
Known the sun
If it feels like you’ve
Wandered from the way
It’s because sometimes
A heart will stray
If you feel truth is
Too often hidden
It’s because you’ve seen
It flow unbidden
If it feels like time
Won’t let Love win
It’s because you’ve been
Scarred but loved again
If it feels these feelings
Are too much
It’s because they are
As such
If it feels that feelings
Are not enough
It’s because you’re made
Of stronger stuff
If feelings feel often
Less than real
It’s because you are free
To begin to heal

RE: Define

Courage – Beauty standing in shadow of death, nodding grimly, and taking a bullet

Truth – Beauty calmly waiting for all to see there is one logic and reality, simplicity is reality

Honor – Beauty announcing pure intention

Faith – Beauty seeking it’s origin

Hope – Beauty believing tomorrow is always possible

Peace – Beauty injecting love into chaos

Kindness – Beauty settling silently in responses

Sincerity – Beauty seeing and saying what always is

Gentleness – Beauty touching another in word or deed

Goodness – Beauty explaining what ought be

Self-control – Beauty holding the reigns of emotion

Love – Beauty translating the language of the soul


I Prep Positions

Lower Hellhole Dam, concrete, rebuilt 1966

I from passing…

I on words fire set
I over memory forget
I under am standing reason
I in caught up am treason
I through ever push on straight
I by writing my guess fate
I against fighting am staleness
I amid become strong frailness
I between do stories tell
I from passing attempt heaven from hell
I near point I the make would
I opposite of not hope it is the good
I off dream write to and am
I except flooding would be for the dam

Word Math #2

evolution of the j-rune.

JOY rune = JO(rune)Y/(rune) ~[urne] {JOurneY} = Journey

The mystery of JOY

In runic letters glow

As you go enjoy

And purpose you will know

The Divan’s Divine Right

A Chesterfield sofa

Couch Caliph


I am Sofa King


I am Sofa King: Ridiculous


I am Sofa King: Meticulous


I am Sofa King: Pernicious


I am Sofa King: Ambitious


I am Sofa King: Reclusive


I am Sofa King: Inclusive


I am Sofa King: Illiterate


I am Sofa King: Legitimate


I am Sofa King: Dominant


I am Sofa King: Concomitant


I am Sofa King: Pathetic


I am Sofa King: Poetic


I am Sofa King: Erratic


I am Sofa King: Pragmatic


I am Sofa King: Incessant


I am Sofa King: Flourescent


I am Sofa King: Sophomoric


I am Sofa King: Euphoric


I am Sofa King: Verbose


I am Sofa King: Close


I am Sofa King: Carefree


I am Sofa King: you see?


Too Knight


Just in sight of the site
Where today turned to two nights
A toady told me Today
Two knights did rejoin a fray
Tonight’s when we find the right Knight

The two rivals in war ever revelled
Their wake left towns that were levelled
Just what the bout was about
I have not yet ousted out
It seems we are all quite bedeviled

From a learned man I just learned
That the inconsequential concern
Is one said to the other
I am the eldest brother
And the consequence is that in turn

The other with this thought was caught
That tautology need not be taught
We’re both of the same mother
There’s no better brother
And so brotherhood was brought to naught

The moral of these mighty just might
Be that family is too familiar a fight
To be sent on a quest
For which is the best
Of two knights too knight tonight

Word Math #1

Frown + Frame ÷ Fr = Own A Me

Spying the visage in the FRAME
Wearing a look most grave
I cannot say I’ve felt the same
For that FROWN it does enslave


A French Omnitonic horn.

A Unique Horn


A sequel
To a sea-gull
Is a sequence
Of sequins
The impatience
Of inpatients
Is the impotence
Of ignorance
All sentences
Are sentiments
Am I the apogee
Of apostasy
Be not incensed
By this incandescence
Rather succeed
As you secede
The truth is supercilious
Is ever super silliness
The unique unicycle
Needs a unicorn

Fatal -ism


Is the glass half empty or half full? The pess...

I know that I’ll get some criticism
And perhaps be acussed of puerilism
But I have noticed that terrorism
Should be on a list with sexism
And then there’s the fact of plagiarism
Often battling overintellectualism
Sometimes a simple witticism
Need not be linked to Darwinism
I see danger in spiritualism
If not balanced with heroism
Don’t get me started on humanism
Philosphy’s take on despotism
I don’t mean to cause a schism
But isn’t it an absurdism
That in our state of militantism
We all live lives of dualism
If we could turn from egoism
And learn to practice altruism
We would find this one truism
Life follows a syllogism
If we could avoid relativism
And also shun sensationalism
We could live in optimism
Unless this is a malapropism





I have departed


I have started



I have undone


I have begun



I have balked


I have walked



I have completed


I have repeated



I have broken


I have awoken



I have terminated


I have liberated



I have realized


I have idealized



I have withdrawn








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