The posings of a poet.

The Prosperity of Problems

If the ground did not conspire to keep the seed within

The flower could not support itself nor the leaves begin

If the water did not resist the fish as it swam along
The creature could not draw a breath nor exist for long
If the path did not push against the bottoms of your feet
Then you could not advance nor make needed retreat
If the air did not assail the bird, attempting to change its course
Then flight would be impossible and not inspiration’s source
If friction did not check each flint and therefore cause a spark
Then fire never would have been and we’d be in the dark
If wisdom itself did not elude those who did not truly seek
Then fools would prove that knowing was just enough to speak
If love did not duel within each and every soul
Then finding it and knowing it would cease to make us whole
If you cannot begin within these words a truth to see
Then you my friend will be unlike to prosper from adversity

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