The posings of a poet.

This is where I…

This is where I leave you, since it is far from where you were found
This is where I found you, though it is not where you are bound
This is where I brought you, and where you led me too
This is where I followed you, and by it we both grew

This is where I taught you, more in deed than word
This is where I spoke you, between the voice and what is heard
This is where I raised you, from unknowing and from doubt
This is where I believed you, the you that I would tout

This is where I loved you, in my need as in yours
This is where I fulfilled you, and you opened all my doors

This is where I imagine you, reading and breathing each phrase
This is where I leave you…


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4 thoughts on “This is where I…

  1. I like the circular nature of the poem.

  2. A beautiful piece. You write so well.

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