The posings of a poet.

Sandman’s Companion

Hello there, I see you’re back
   Yes, though really I never left
Ah, so you were just waiting to attack?
   That is a realization most deft
Why is it you haunt me so?
   Why can’t you see you’re to blame?
Why follow me most everywhere I go?
   Why won’t you just say my name?
I’d call you friend, as I see,
You remind me what is needed
   It is the reason I came to be
   Though my advice is rarely heeded
But then it seems we often battle
So I can face my day
   Go ahead believe your prattle
    You’ll still follow in my way
But I have this and that to do
   I know you’re very busy
I have not planned this time for you
   But you’re looking a bit dizzy
Fine, just leave me be and I will…
   What? Rest a little later?
Yes, if that will pay the bill
    Perhaps, but I’ll be greater
Why is it you must hound me so
   Why won’t you just relent?
Tiredness, you must really go
    I will, when to bed you’re sent

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