The posings of a poet.

Just One Question

I don’t know if I ever knew
So I’ll begin by asking you
That is if you have the time
For one long question and my rhyme
How do you take your heart off your sleeve
How do you smile as bits of you leave
How do you hate and never forget
How do you lie without any regret
How do you justify such disrespect
How do you become victim in every aspect
How do you believe your plan is best
How can you not see truth in the rest
How do you poison what you hold dear
How do you forbid even the tiniest tear
How can you go back to such a small world
How when the universe is before you unfurled
How are you able to point the finger but miss
How you at the betrayer who sealed fate with a kiss
How have you survived if it was always so bad
How can you not blame yourself just a tad
How are you vindicated how are you free
That’s how
Just make the bad guy out


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One thought on “Just One Question

  1. How? Too many possible/impossible variables…

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