The posings of a poet.

Sum Day

Some day I will add up the story that is me
Some day I will subtract the lies I choose to believe
Someday I will divide myself and know what it means to be free
Someday I will mulitply my joys for you to receive
Someday I will exponentially expound how this came to be
Someday I will parenthetically remove the ways in which I decieve
Someday I will find more than fractions of subdivided phi
Someday I will find the angle from which I may achieve
Someday I will allow there is some percent I cannot forsee
Someday I will drop the remainder that has made me so naive
Someday I will equate what has been done oh so irrationally
Someday I will sum it up and all your fears relieve

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4 thoughts on “Sum Day

  1. I love it, Dan. For some reason, it made me think of an old song by Randy Travis………….”It’s just a matter of time”

  2. Very clever write.

  3. Excellent Dan —
    & someday I will learn to be as witty and prolific a writer as you are! xRL

  4. Brilliant anaphoric poetry…

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