The posings of a poet.


If I could jump from my body to yours
What would it be like to walk on your floors
What would it look like to use your eyes
What would it sound like to make your sighs
What would it taste like to eat a peach
How tall is too tall for how far you can reach
When would you wake up, when would you sleep
What kind of secrets would I find you keep
Would a rose called by that name
To you still smell quite the same
What makes you you and makes me me
What if each the other we could be
Would your heart be in the same time
Could you twist words to make them rhyme
Would you love me while I was you
Would there be in me some reason not to
True nakedness of heart and soul
Hasn’t that really been the goal

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6 thoughts on “Hopscotch

  1. Wow Dan — loved this ….. fun but deep and introspective too ~
    Much Love your way ~ RL

  2. Usually takes a lifetime to figure out what you express here in “Hopscotch”…

  3. I love the way you query the concept. I love that it is queried at all. It is well asked. I truly just read it five times in a row and could read it again.

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