The posings of a poet.

Dead Lee and the Zombie Touch (an excerpt)

Where once was a man named Lee
Now we find our hero ZOMBIE
And of course we must get
More plot in there yet
So just follow along now with me


It’s seems that Lee being dead
Still had some thoughts in his head
A desire to succeed
Was still a good creed
But his belly only thought to be fed


So he went in search of fresh brain
But his search ended in vane
His tummy still grumbled
And so Lee just mumbled
“Must be some way to maintain,”


“A many bunch brains for munch
So me no must chasing lunch
Me got to go find
Quick way to get mind.”
Then suddenly he had a hunch


“If me could just touch stuff and it
Turn to brain,me could eat every bit
And it not run away
And not take all day
But such power, Where will me get?”


“Me need a genie, or better
A Greek god who is me debtor
Then he grant me
This ability
Turn hand into better brain getter!”


So Lee did a search on the ‘net
How best to get in his debt
A goddess or god
Who he could then prod
To grant that for which he was dead set


He read of that Dionysus guy
And decided he would be an ally
For you can hear
If you tune your ear
He has in his name the word “Die”….


Would you read more?


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