The posings of a poet.

If God is the Sun

If God is the sun, I don’t want to be the moon. It implies I alone can receive and reflect His grace and love.
   I want to be a blade of grass. To absorb His loving kindness and grow with those like me that surround me. I want to share the joy with others of stretching out to greet Him. I want to understand the fear of being cut down and the comfort of knowing those around me feel it too. I want to stain the lives of others with the very soul of me. I want what makes me grow to be evident and mysterious. I want to put down roots that get tangled in the lives of others and hang on tight together when the storms come.
    I need God to be my Sun and my gardener. I need him to feed me and tend me too. I can’t cultivate seeds for future growth in myself, only He can do that. I can’t pull the weeds out of my life or those of other’s lives. I can see them. I can see how they steal what God intends for us, but only He can dig them out for good and for my good. I want to cover this planet with evidence of growth through God’s light and love and mercy.
  If God is the sun, I want to be grass.


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