The posings of a poet.


is useful stuff
with so much around there’s not enough
when you fill it it will just shift
like shells in a game of grift
as you grasp it it is gone
but when you withdraw it is not withdrawn
try to name it it will not stick
not being while being its greatest trick
It fills the vessel before you pour
It’s why you wonder what you’re here for
It grows in silence without thought
It is what is most often caught
You begin to sense it when you’re alone
You know it best when your things you own
Walk away leave it behind
Arrive and there it you will find
A filled shoe cannot receive a foot
A bricked up chimney gathers no soot
A bubble of glass holds no drink
A too full mind cannot think
A congested heart cannot love
A weighted soul can’t soar above
A body can’t rest in a packed out bed
A poem with too much _________ cannot be…

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