The posings of a poet.

Que Sera Sera

Verily, verily it has been said
Give the true answer that forms in your head
If “No” seems so negative try saying “Yes”
If “Yes” is too giving, “No” you should stress
But often, or mostly, we won’t say what we mean
As if our true feeling might seem obscene
Or else we believe it’s “the right thing to do”
But if you don’t feel it, is it RIGHT for YOU?
If your “Yes” is quite lacking, why not say “No”
If you hold it in, will a “Yes” truly grow
If your “No” sounds nervous, or worse yet, it’s dead
Won’t you just replay it again in your head
You think your protecting another from pain
But if you can’t mean it, where is the gain
Let’s all agree that we need to grow
And so mean “I love you”, but it comes out “No”
Or else in sincerity each other address
And prove with our whole being when we mean “Yes”
Concepts so simple until the ball’s in our court
Let your answer flow freely and not be a retort

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3 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera

  1. The truth does not have to be painful…just presented with the right caring tone and spirit.

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