The posings of a poet.

I Have Met

A martial arts master writing a book on ballroom dancing

A 14-year-old orphan who was my security guard

A son for only 16 days

A musical group before they hit it big

A man who became sheriff, mayor, and pastor just to fill a need

An artist appalled by child prostitution who wrote in a way that could change the world

A boy they said would barely walk, and now runs to play basketball

A woman with a message that spoke to my heart even though she didn’t know me

Four brothers of no relation other than my soul

An English actor who challenged me to push myself

A man who held one of Stonewall Jackson’s pistols

A congressman before national scandal

A behind-the-scenes mind of third world country growth

A heart-broken ventriloquist

A friend whose worldview made me see life with the eyes I longed to use

A father who went to help in a foreign land though he could barely walk

A man who loved orphans so much he had to help

A sister at heart who told me how her prayers are heard

A self-important saint

A self-imposed problem

A despised criminal building a church

An angel with a tiny truck at a hotel

Peace in the midst of strife

Potential in unconsidered places

Problems pretending to be prolific

Goodness from the ground up

Grossness from the gorgeous


God in two drops of tea


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