The posings of a poet.


Take yourself seriously

Take yourself lightly

See the night as mere darkness

See the sun only brightly

Wait for your future

Forget your past

Be anxious for action

Let laziness last

Do what you want

Do what is expected

Feel all accepted

Feel all rejected

Look for meaning in others

Look for meaning within

Look for escape from problems

Look for each little sin

Listen to advice

Listen to lies

Hold your breath

Release your sighs

Follow the way

Stray from the path

Stop to smell roses

Stop smelling the breeze

Stop being mature

Stop climbing trees

Start keeping a journal

Start forgetting what was

Start in with philosophy

Start with, “Well, just because…”

Keep in all your anger

Keep out all the pain

Keep believing one viewpoint

Keep ignoring your brain

Trust what is written

Trust what you think

Believe you can fly

Believe you will sink

Hear what I’m writing

Hear what they’re braying

Hear what vibrates

Hear what no one is saying


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2 thoughts on “Don’t

  1. Perfect build up to that last line…nicely done.

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