The posings of a poet.

The Colors of the Wind

Rainbow Waterfall

We all wonder what colors the sky
And then we like to ponder Why
What if we have in this a choice
What if together the sky hears our voice

What if the sky so vast and blue
Is actually reflecting me and you
A canvas our race can daily paint
Let’s with the colors ourselves acquaint

Some mornings a red ember at dawn
Reminds us of energy to go on
Do we collectively wish it so
Or does the sky just always know

At other times that incarnadine glow
Appears in the evening just to show
We are loved and free to give
Of all the good we each would live

Most of the time the sky’s alight
With brightest blue and puffs of white
Each puff a thought a dream we share
The blue is freedom to get us there

Some days a gray and silent shroud
Shushes us when we think aloud
Oft we need it to wash us clean
These days are not dark but rather serene

Then there are days that blaze so clear
Like a global grin from ear to ear
Do we all smile and joy conform
Does the sky our souls transform

Some nights and then some mornings too
A violet, hazy, deep purple hue
Brings to mind life’s deeper thoughts
We project what we’ve been taught

Once in a while the oddest thing
A greenish tint the sky does fling
As if we were tire of the conventional
And send out nightmares cold and intentional

But, ah, these are all but distractions
From the most beautiful of our hearts refractions
The best of times all colors tell
The rainbows we build promises impel

Do we paint the sky with our mind
If so what other mediums may we find
The sea, the snow, the waterfall
Come my friends let’s paint it all!


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8 thoughts on “The Colors of the Wind

  1. How beautiful to ponder Dan ~ imagine we are all just projection – and the sky our screen… Really enjoyed this —- you are such a talented artist! ~ Love to you … R

  2. Love the imagery, but I’d prefer they paint us! 🙂 ~ Lovely, Dan. ~ Always, Bobbie

  3. Glad I could be of inventory! I love this Dan-and I do think the sky is what we make it. ~Laundry Maid

  4. This is wonderful! Your poetry is filled with immeasurable beauty. 🙂

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