The posings of a poet.


Beauty in Contrast


If I were a tree I think I’d be a bit miffed at all those who wander
Within my realm and overwhelm themselves with all that they ponder
While ignoring the beauty around


If I were a shrub I’d feel the snub of self-proclaimed creatures of thought
Who notice my beauty then curse my duty when their clothing in me gets caught
And miss the grand way we are crowned


If I were a vine I’d find it unkind for sentient ones so often to judge
Like them I must strive to be more than alive on this point I will not budge
Don’t miss that we all are bound


To see how we see whether forest or tree is before us comes down to reaction
If our minds are set that beauty as yet comes back to us through inaction
Observe with a sigh what you’ve found



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5 thoughts on “ForUst

  1. I like the perspective you’ve provided with theses.

  2. If I were a bloom, I would mourn the lover’s kiss and wonder still to the jealous moon. Beautiful and insightful, Dan. ~ Truly. ~ Ever, Bobbie

  3. Without the green we shall not breathe…

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