The posings of a poet.

S, W, C

Should you find yourself at a loss should you yourself berate
Should you bite off more than a mouthful and attempt to masticate
Should you ask for seconds if there’s too much upon your plate
Should you choose to answer your hunger may abate

Would you seize the moment if it would change your fate
Would you recognize the moment before it was too late
Would you dare to start again with nothing on your slate
Would you care to answer if it revealed a trait

Could you deny yourself if you were created to be great
Could you return love for indifference stronger than any hate
Could you lay it all down though none else appreciate
Could you even answer when you’ve not achieved that state


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7 thoughts on “S, W, C

  1. 🙂 Didn’t your mother ever teach you, Dan. Shoulda never could…….. 🙂 Sweet! ~ Love, Bobbie

  2. I like the thinking behind this poem, and normally I am a fan of repetition, but somehow there is a bit too much of it in this poem. The lines are great, however. So maybe just a question of rearranging rather than rewriting?

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