The posings of a poet.


English: I found this Opossum playing dead on ...

Oldest Bluff


Why does truth taste like gravel
Why does the plot have to unravel
Why are all areas black or white
Why are the blind in oversight
Why is fashion become addiction
Why is there ever some predilection
Why should tolerance become acceptance
Why should right be by insistence
Why can’t words capture the soul
Why can’t speaking make one whole
Why not seek questions instead of answers
Why not admit our prejudices are cancers
Why hold on to what’s not healthy
Why hold out when you are wealthy
Why can’t peace be spun as wrong
Why can’t we admit battle all along
Why isn’t it clear the war’s within
Why isn’t anyone willing to begin
Why won’t we say enough is enough
Why won’t we call earth’s oldest bluff
Why don’t we choose ourselves to free
Why don’t we allow you, you and me, me



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