The posings of a poet.

Art ist Me

English: 1st grade student at Soamanandray (on...

Are you?


A child asked me if I were an artist and though I’m not the smartest I just grinned and dared not reply
He asked again a short while later his emphasis greater and I could not help but sigh
And answer “I paint, I write, I create, does that count?”


He looked up at me from his desk with a visage near burlesque as if to say
Why didn’t you just say so simply and a while ago, why from my question stray
Can you not for yourself account?


And seeing I am often oddest at attempting to be modest he simply smiled and said
“Then you’re an artist.” Which is hardest to keep from going to my head
As a child’s vision one cannot discount



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5 thoughts on “Art ist Me

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    Because-art comes out of heart &soul..if someone loves your art, then they say you,true you, is of so very much value. And we either shy from it, or puff up. Puffing up, wrecks the heart & soul, hence killing the artist, but, we still want to be adored, for our hearts and souls. Or something like that. Lol

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