The posings of a poet.

An Uncliche: Halloween

Putting on a play

Putting on a play


It was a bright and clear night
And all seemed to be aright
The goblins decided that on this Eve
T’would be better give, than receive
So they visited the Altruistic Witch
(Gingerbread Habitats were her niche
She built them you see, as act of good
For those whose children were lost in the wood)
“What kind and public plan should we
Enact on our neighbor, the silent banshee?”
“I believe she ever enjoys a good play
Perhaps you could write one for her today.”
So the goblins ran out to begin their scenes
They consulted a ghost on being serene
“We’d like this piece the banshee to excite,
She’s ever so quiet every night!”
The ghost just murmured, “Well, then I’d
Write a scene where no one died.
What is they say without fail
At the end of every fairy tale?”
A zombie spoke up, with sibilant laughter
“They all lived happily ever after!”
“That’s the ticket!”, The ghost agreed
After all the zombie was PhD’ed!
The goblins finished their skit and went to perform
In a well-lit attic, which was their norm
The banshee silently entered in
A vampire sipped milk till it did begin
The goblins gave their all in spotlight shine
Then thanked their director Frankenstein
The Banshee quietly made applause
Then announced that she was given cause
To invite all the monsters every fall
To join her in a monster’s ball
They arrived and wanted to do good
But sadly were misunderstood
All arrived dressed in their best
But humans got scared, you know the rest


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2 thoughts on “An Uncliche: Halloween

  1. What fun…enjoyed it much.

  2. It all started because of “It was a DARK and STORMY night…”. Glad you enjoyed it.

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