The posings of a poet.

I am Proud to Have Been…

A frog chaser

A frog chaser

a stoplight for children
a security blanket
a ‘gigante’ that moved dirt for a nursing home in another country
a crazy cliff jumper
an ostentatious authority
a quiet listener
a knight for my princesses
a soldier for my commander
a bringer of baseballs
a ‘five star’ soup chef
a carpet wrestling phenom
a shoulder to cry on
a burp cloth
a dolphin
a surfboard
a cannonball
a frog chaser
a stone skipper
a swing launcher (higher than my head or nothing!)
a proponent
an opponent
a ladder
a teacher
a learner
a laugh when it seemed the wrong time
an ear when words weren’t enough
a brusher of hair
a shoulder seat at a ballgame
Mr. Fixit
a whitewater rafter
an inspiration
alive in every moment possible


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11 thoughts on “I am Proud to Have Been…

  1. I agree! This is absolutely the best resume I’ve ever seen. I love this, Dan……. ~ Much always, Bobbie

  2. professional huger, tickler and monster-scar-awayer

  3. so proud of you ~ smiles ~ Polly

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