The posings of a poet.

Live Strong Team Edward

American cyclist Lance Armstrong giving a talk...

See the resemblance?

Little vampire

Ok. Here’s my two pints…I mean sense…er, cents.
Over 500 clean DRUG tests should clear an athlete from being accused of the general tag of doping, right?
Apparently not.
I’m not saying I’m for drug use in any way, but that is not the part of this mess that intrigues me.
I call for a case to be made that Mr. A. did in fact “Live Strong” by storing and perhaps growing his own blood cells.
First, we cheer, well I hear some people do, when cars get new engines and BETTER FUEL to GO FASTER. Even if it is in circles for hours on end. It’s the American way. Mr. A used his own ‘fuel’, keep cheering!
Second, unlike most athletes who we end up supporting through welfare two years after they retire with a ridiculously large bank account, Mr. a was campaigning for the fight against cancer. If you can’t cheer for that…
Here’s the coup de grace. At last count there are eight trillion five hundred sixty two billion eight hundred thirty nine million and eleven books about vampires currently on the market. Ok fine, that was a ballpark guesstimate at best, and probably on the low end. Point is, America at large has gone stark raving looney over blood suckers. From presidential hunters of the beasties to the ever sparkly one who inspired an entire set of novels breaking all the former rules of vampires while using a plot device, ie. desire, as a substitute for actual plot, we are slap eat up with the fanged-ones.
Now here we have an actual being who grows and takes in blood to become superhuman and we crucify him…wait, that was….never mind. That’s right, I said it, and if you missed it here it is: Mr. A is a vampire. Roll film, give him insane amounts of money (for charity), and let him support a candidate like any other blood sucking, silver screen star!
I’m not throwing a sheet over my head and crying, “Leave Lance alone!” But come on America, embrace you’re real life strigoi!
And who knows, maybe if he keeps at it he’ll come back as a zombie too!

To all my regulars I have given poetry up

About as much as the saucer betrays the cup

Thank you for kindly granting

A moment for inane ranting

~regards, Dan


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2 thoughts on “Live Strong Team Edward

  1. I’m with you, Dan. I seldom am amazed at what jealousy can bring to light in people. Please, at this point, it’s not about Lance at all……..but all those trying to find something wrong……. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. 🙂 ~ Love, Bobbie

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