The posings of a poet.

Too Knight


Just in sight of the site
Where today turned to two nights
A toady told me Today
Two knights did rejoin a fray
Tonight’s when we find the right Knight

The two rivals in war ever revelled
Their wake left towns that were levelled
Just what the bout was about
I have not yet ousted out
It seems we are all quite bedeviled

From a learned man I just learned
That the inconsequential concern
Is one said to the other
I am the eldest brother
And the consequence is that in turn

The other with this thought was caught
That tautology need not be taught
We’re both of the same mother
There’s no better brother
And so brotherhood was brought to naught

The moral of these mighty just might
Be that family is too familiar a fight
To be sent on a quest
For which is the best
Of two knights too knight tonight


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2 thoughts on “Too Knight

  1. I’m dizzy now! 😉

    What a word fight … splendid!

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