The posings of a poet.

The Teacher


If you limit the lessons of love

Then you limit your gifts from above

If you limit what little I get

Then you have little understanding as yet

If you lessen the lilting that flows

You lock all of love’s poetry in prose

If you lose the light of the living

Then that is not love you are giving

I know that literal can be seen in lines

But this liquid is more lifting than wines

The winners lust to prevail

But we losers have love by the tail

How can I speak about being loved like that

Simple, where you are is where I once sat

The limits you love I once learned

But now no lessons of love have I spurned

I pray that like a descending dove

You’ll receive the lessons of love


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7 thoughts on “The Teacher

  1. Seems like you may have a lot of lessons to teach us Dan… the wisdom of love is a coveted thing ~ enjoyed so much!! 🙂

    • dpbowman on said:

      I am a student passing on observations. Glad you have class too! 😉

      • Robyn Lee on said:

        Yes – today I held lecture on Hamlet 🙂 Great fun!!
        x Keep the great posts coming 🙂

      • dpbowman on said:

        To WP or not to WP, that is the question. Whether tis globaler in kind to write on this thing risking minds that are narrow, or to ignore such alarms and by creating befriend them.

  2. Ahhh, yes…and “the question” you present is appreciated… perhaps the challenge is how to release any concern for the perceived ‘risk’ because there really is none…not if we blog for our own truest heart ~ yes? And yes — learning to ignore and befriend ~ what a lovely strategy (and there is always the ‘trash’ feature too dear one!!) 🙂 🙂 You are a treasure!

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