The posings of a poet.

Why the Sun Beams

English: Total Solar eclipse 1999 in France. *...

Many moons ago tis said
The Moon got it into her head
That she would prefer to be the Sun
Since shining daily sounded fun

So she soaked up all the rays
And mooned away so many days
That the Earth missed her nightly
And asked the stars who were shining brightly

“Where has she gone, the shiny thing?
The one that I am noticing
Has left my orbit or gone dark.”
The stars did not make one remark

Next Earth went to see Mars
Since she got no answer from the stars
“Excuse me neighbor, have you seen
My satellite in your routine?”

Mars spun about with this retort,
“I am terribly sorry to report
That I have my own sons to track down:
Phobos and Deimos.” Said he with a frown.

So Earth went to kind Venus
But she had nothing of that genus
So Earth finally asked the Sun
Who riddled her, just for some fun

“So you come to ask for the moon?”
Said the Sun warming up to noon
“That’s what she’s called, I had forgot!”
Said Earth and noticed it was getting hot

“You think I hung the moon?” Sun quipped
While a smile round his face slipped
“Once in a blue moon by her I’m hidden
but by me she’ll not be bidden.”

Said Earth, “Oh I just simply long
To reach for the moon, is that so wrong?
Isn’t there anything that can be done?”
She stood and stared right at the Sun

“If I promise you the moon
You must promise me that soon
She will return and stop her ploy
To take my place, it does annoy!”

“So that’s her game?” stammered Earth
“Why that traitor, she’s not even worth
A poem, song or even tune!”
And so Earth was over the Moon

And Moon? Well she did return
But her plan did make her one half burn
So she ever faces Earth to reflect
And hides the side with that defect

And Earth? She tolerates the Moon
But refuses to commune
And so pushes the seas between the two
To indicate the friendship’s through

And Sun? He just beams away
And dawns anew again each day
And chuckles as he goes from June to June
For only he can see Moon’s moon!


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3 thoughts on “Why the Sun Beams

  1. Fantastic dear one … so enjoyed 🙂

  2. Awesome talent you have Dan – really!! 🙂

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