The posings of a poet.

Why the Giraffe Has Spots

English: Giraffe

It seems that somewhere back in the past

A giraffe one day up and asked,
“Why is everything so GREEN?
It hurts my eyes where e’er it’s seen!”

The other animals just blinked and stared
It seems no other noticed or cared.
“Quit your whining it tastes delicious!”
Said the ox in a tone quite vicious

“But you can not see as far as I
My head, it almost scrapes the sky!”
Replied giraffe in her defense.
At least it seemed that it made sense

“Well I just squint and all I see
Are shades of brown surrounding me.”
Quoth the mole from down below,
“That color is soothing don’t you know?”

“There’s an idea!” thought the giraffe
“I’d be less blinded at least by half.
If I could just turn things to brown!”
She needed to think and so sat down.

As she pondered she looked about
What could she use to get green out?
She looked at her feet and there
Were some berries, brown and fair.

She popped one and wiped the juice
On her shirt where it was loose
A brown spot appeared and stayed
She had found the brown for green to trade!

She mashed a whole bucket full of berries
And with it on her horn ran through the prairies
Splashing brown on tree and grass
Green disappeared with every pass.

The other animals began to shout,
“You’re ruining it without a doubt!”
But she just pranced along and sighed
And in her handiwork took pride

The other animals tried to stop her
But that Giraffe ran in a blur!
“Who can we send? We must agree!”
“I’ll stop her for sure!” said the bee.

He flew up to her ear and said quite low
“Please stop spreading all this brown, you know
Most of us enjoyed the green!
Please stop or I’ll have to get mean.”

Giraffe ignored him and ran on
Spreading brown stains across the lawn
The bee said, “I warned you!” And then he
Stung giraffe as quick as can bee! 

She hollered, “YOW!” and danced about
The bee fell in her shirt and could not get out
She tore off the shirt with bucket filled
So down her back the brown stains spilled

And that my friend is how came to be
The brown savannah and trunk of tree
And how the giraffe up to this day
Cannot wash the brown spots away

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2 thoughts on “Why the Giraffe Has Spots

  1. Such a clever story…enjoyed it.

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