The posings of a poet.


What lies beneath this twitching skin
That makes these ponderings begin
What layers lie here beneath
And to my thoughts facets bequeath
Is it as simple as love and hate
That well up from my substrate
Clearly the geyser that explodes
Carries more than these two loads
Traces of many an element
Within this Ocean of discontent
Cautious curiosity, Nervous confidence
A Carelessly organized Conscientiousness
A stratum of Outgoing singularity
Is clearly a more common rarity
Than Energetic reserve casting aspersion
On introverted Extroversion
Certainly you’d say quixotic
Also possibly a bit Neurotic
Add a tier of Secure sensitivty
Above the Inventive consistency
And there I think you’ll finally
Come to see in you and me
What underneath we all may be
This living breathing geology

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