The posings of a poet.

Quest ions

It seems as though as we’re all born
We harken to some distant horn
Which calls to us and bids us seek
A jouney with destiny unique

As Beren sought the Silmaril
Or Galahad his Holy Grail
We each are wired to respond
To something that seems just beyond

As Aeneas left and sought a home
Each of us begins to roam
Searching for what we believe
We must be capable to receive

What is it that makes us go
From place to place, from woe to woe
Could particles of our longing be
Imbedded within you and me

What then are we wont to pursue
Is it within our bones a clue
Framework, connections, unity
Some deeper opportunity

Do we have within the very key
To unlock what we wish to be
Could our very DNA
Hold the answer for which we pray

Did Jason and each Argonaut
Contain within the fleece they sought
Or just particles that bid them strive
To seek, to find, to feel alive


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4 thoughts on “Quest ions

  1. An interesting perspective in the poem…or are with just discontented with where we are? Enjoyed your poem.

  2. Challenging questions, well expressed…

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