The posings of a poet.

Fatal -ism


Is the glass half empty or half full? The pess...

I know that I’ll get some criticism
And perhaps be acussed of puerilism
But I have noticed that terrorism
Should be on a list with sexism
And then there’s the fact of plagiarism
Often battling overintellectualism
Sometimes a simple witticism
Need not be linked to Darwinism
I see danger in spiritualism
If not balanced with heroism
Don’t get me started on humanism
Philosphy’s take on despotism
I don’t mean to cause a schism
But isn’t it an absurdism
That in our state of militantism
We all live lives of dualism
If we could turn from egoism
And learn to practice altruism
We would find this one truism
Life follows a syllogism
If we could avoid relativism
And also shun sensationalism
We could live in optimism
Unless this is a malapropism

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5 thoughts on “Fatal -ism

  1. Excellent wordplay here…enjoyed it.

  2. Brilliant work Dan … this needs to be published in the ‘grown-up’ books category -truly did appreciate it. No critic’ism’ here – only praise!

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