The posings of a poet.

Night and What Have You

Have you ever watched the moon on the rise

Gazed into it like your lovers eyes

Have you ever stood on the foredeck of imagination

And wondered at the lack of a dreaming nation

Have you ever embraced the difference of night

Until it’s secrets seemed to create light

Have you ever tread paths that knew your name

Or called to you to know the same

Have you ever held a constellation  multiplied

Until you and lake and stream were starry-eyed

Have you ever stood where silhouettes of trees

Seemed the hairy outline of giants knees

Have you ever directed the chorus of the eve

Where cricket woodwinds percussion hooves relieve

Have you dared to live in true absence of light

And call through your soul to all that’s good and right

Has God breathed upon you a breeze upon your neck

Have you captained your ship or only rowed beneath the deck


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8 thoughts on “Night and What Have You

  1. I’ve done all of those…… What’s next? 🙂

  2. ~Lady Day on said:

    So gorgeous. Loved this tremendously.

  3. Some – but not all…. beautiful Dan ~ truly! x

  4. What a wonderful perspective to have…love the message of the poem.

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