The posings of a poet.

Dominion Canto VI (with Apologies)

Bejeweled 2

What a tangled wwweb…

…What a tangled wwweb we weave
When first we practice to retrieve
A Palm or two- no wonder why
I feel weak with bleary eye
I might have known there was no one
whose mouse could name Lord Dominion.

Why then a final note prolong,
Or Google out a closing song,
Unless to bid the surfers speed,
Who long have followed this blog’s lead?
To statesmen grave, if such may deign
To read this blogger’s idle strain,
Sound head, clean hand, and piercing wit,
Stop searching for pics of  Jolie and Pitt!
A garland for the gamer’s crest,
And twined by which avatar he loves best.
To every lovely Lady bright,
What can I wish but traffic to your site?
To every faithful follower too,
What can I wish but Freshly Pressed for you?
And discovery of your page; –
By each successive digital age.
To thee, dear schoolboy, whom my lay
Has cheated his time Bejeweled to play,
uberhumor, and merry holiday!
To all, to each, a fair good night,
And electric dreams, and web searches right!


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3 thoughts on “Dominion Canto VI (with Apologies)

  1. heheheheheh…Oh wow Dan

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