The posings of a poet.


English: Firebreather taken and the 2010 Michi...

To ignite with just words…

I knew a man
 Who wished to breathe  fire
To ignite
  With just words
Often he’d exhale
 And others could see
Patterns and truths
 They wished to be
Warmth and health
 He imbued with delight
As he realized
 Words could overcome might
Peace and calm
 He could interject
In a way that made others
 Feel the effect
Sadly at times
 He was quick to forget
His tongue could set fires
 That burned with regret
People were healed, warmed
 Although some were burned
Lessons were sealed, wanted
 And spurned
He wondered if ever
 His gift would pass on
And warm, build
  Once he had gone
It had passed to him
 Through lines and through years
Would those that heard him
 Speak words to warm ears
Or would they instead
 Speak words dull and fickle
Leaving listeners whose ears
 Did not warm
  Only tickle
Or worse yet than that
 Words that would blaze
Leaving the world worse
 As it choked on the haze
Should this knack be passed
 Or stopped at its source
Not that he could
 Or knew how, of course
Instead he decided
 He must bring fire
In words from above
 To lift us all higher
Words you could read
 As they heated your mind
Words that could open
 The hearts of the blind
Words that could burn
 As you read how he
Breathed fire
  Wrote Words
     and say,
       “This could be me!”

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9 thoughts on “Breathy

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    Ah…you’re a fire igniter…the warmth you exude, magically transforms us all into soft melted hearts. A gifted writer and sweet soul with a deep spiritual vein. Lovely!

    • Glad you felt the pulse beneath. Thank you again for your kind sentiments.

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        Dan…9.9 times out of 10 I get the pulse of your writing. That’s why I’m here reading instead of writing:) This morning I am in search of writing inspiration…you’re always at the top of my list. Thanks for that.

      • Then I am a success! Glad of it. Be blessed and inspired!

  2. I agree with Lady here Dan…. Such an inspiration you are. Wordsmith of fire as well.. This was awesome!–RL

  3. a sigh carries much further than a trumpet………. 🙂 ~ B

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