The posings of a poet.

Great Deigns


What are these…

If I’m to be great
 What are these chains
If I’m to walk on
  What are these reigns
If I’m to be pure
  What are these stains
If I’m to be the sea
  What are these grains
If I am to heal
  What are these pains
If surrounded by sheep
  What are these manes
If I’m to meet on the mountain
  What are these plains
If to run without fainting
  What are these sprains
If I’m to be filled to o’erflowing
  What are these drains
If I’m to see beauty
  What of disdains
If I’m meant to trust
  What of my brains
If I’m to walk narrow
  What of other lanes
If I’m to be light
  What if it wanes
If I’m to be great
  What if…

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11 thoughts on “Great Deigns

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    Wow…crazy wow! Deep and provoking great emotion.

  2. ………we are meant to question, and question well…………. 😉

  3. great questions in questionable times

  4. sarahjaneprosetry on said:

    This is truly brilliant. You have the rhythm, the cadence which flows so easily. The craft of the words, true wordsmithing here. And then the depth an sentiment, it is so easy to identify with this. So well done.

  5. What if I say~ ttoo many what iif’s 🙂 just teasing — very interesting topic.

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