The posings of a poet.

Ever Yon E

Pterodactylus longirostrus

I wanna be…

Everyone wants to be a bird
  I wanna be a pterodactyl
Everyone talks 1+1
  I wanna talk fractal
Everyone’s after daily bread
  I wanna eat what’s said
Everyone thinks it’s cut and dried
  I want continuous and wet to be tried
Everyone believes to all there’s a season
  I wanna to try to question the reason
Everyone longs for their ship to come in
  I wanna sail and find somewhere new to begin
Everyone feels longing deep in their soul
  I wanna write until we’re all whole
Everyone says not to be unkind
  I wanna know what’s on your mind
Everyone is so worried about being couth
  I wanna know who speaks the truth
Everyone looks at me askance
  I wanna teach everyone to dance
Everyone’s not everyone but so many are
  I wanna see who’ll reach for their star
Everyone will hold you but make you conform
  I wanna free you and see you transform

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5 thoughts on “Ever Yon E

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    You are such a clever one…everytime. Hope you are not married to a hairstylist Goliath:) I like your new gravatar shot..lol

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