The posings of a poet.

Morning Munchings

Lemon meringue cookies on checkered tablecloth...

Thank you spider!

Do you want to hear
     something funny?
Bees are responsible
     for making honey!
No other bug
    from coast to coast
Makes anything that goes
    with my breakfast toast!
What would they make
    if they  had the choice?
Let’s pretend they have
    a voice
“Spider what would you give us?
     What would you make?
Gravy and biscuits or
     coffee cake?”
“I’d make the perfect
      scrambled eggs.
They’d be easy
      with so many legs!”
“Would they be cheesy
      gooey and creamy?”
“Oh my friend,
   They’d be so dreamy!”
“Grasshopper what would
    you add to the meal?
What will you make
    that will appeal?
Will it be scones or apple fritters?
Will you outdo
      these other critters?”
“I know exactly what
     I’m made to make!
The most delicious
     Puffy fluffy pancake!
I’d pour the batter
   and underneath I’d pop.
Then flip it just in time
   with a mighty HOP!”
“Would they be buttery
   and light as air?”
“Of course and plenty
   for all to share!”
“Butterfly I’ll bet you’d make
    the butter!”
“Don’t be silly
   I have no udder!”
“What then would you bring
   to such a feast?
Were all your creativity
“If all my skills
   were set loose
I’d be the one
   to make the juice!
Apple or orange
  I’d fly it HIGH!
Then drop it to SQUISH,
  cover your eye!”
“But it would be ruined
  splashed on the ground!”
“Do not worry
  for I have found
I can drop them consistently
  right in the jug
Not a drop
  will get on the rug!”
It all sounds delicious
  don’t you think?
The eggs, the pancakes, honey
  and fruity drink?
Perhaps you’ll join us
   on our blanket checked
For the breakfast of champions
   and insect

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21 thoughts on “Morning Munchings

  1. Well what on earth am I going to do with you Dan…

    You continue to keep me in utter suspense;
    Waiting and wondering about what is next. 😉

    Really, this was brilliant – utterly!! Bravo!
    And keep it going — we need some contacts at Scholastic Books!!!

    • I guess I have found my niche. This stuff just flows, but I still have the poet that wants to express and experiment too! If I get a shot at publishing it was because some very amazing people believed in and encouraged me. Maybe I won’t get “discovered”, but either way I cannot help but create. Thanks for your many kindnesses!

      • Certainly this is your niche and your passion. It’s wonderful. No need to refrain from allowing that ‘poet’ inside do his thing too and experiment/express till his heart’s content. Be encouraged — you are very worthy of great success in your pursuit Dan — Sending smiles ~ RL

      • Smiles received. Many thanks! Joy and blessing to you. ~D

  2. ~Lady Day on said:

    Lol…this made me smile…cute as can be! Quick question…americans have gravy at breakfast? Yikes! Maybe us canadians should try that…it may heat up our icy winter mornings:)

    • Aaaaaaah, gravy for breakfast is a staple! Chipped beef, sausage, chicken…wouldn’t have survived those cold winter childhood mornings without! I am grown greedy these days as well. I have no time to put it on little biscuits, I use pancakes! (Yes, plural!) DELICIOUS!

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        lol…oh dear…we are far lighter eaters up this way on a whole. I love all these things…but seems I’m more likely to eat for dinner what you would eat for breakfast:) Especially the gravy bit…and chicken…ya, never before lunch. But I have been known to eat pie for breakfast.lol

      • It’s not an everyday occurrence, for most of us! And I, for one, rather enjoy a large breakfasty type spread for lunch or dinner as you say. But this is the birthplace of all-you-care-to-eat-all-night-$2.99-buffets! 😉 (Not really a wonder we’re likely the least healthy, while quite possibly the most sated bunch on the planet.)

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        Ah..all night buffets…yes, the place to go after partying til the wee hours…that…hmmm..a very long time since a place like that I’ve been. Well…enjoy your morning munchings:)

      • And you your evening eatings! 😉

  3. sarahjaneprosetry on said:

    I’ve chosen this as Sarah Jane’s Pic of the week.

  4. sarahjaneprosetry on said:

    Reblogged this on sarahjaneprosetry and commented:
    This is my pic of the “week”. I dare you not to smile.

  5. teeheee……… Love it! 😉

  6. Adorable and delightful. 🙂 thanks, Sam

  7. Morning Munchings – heh-heh – and I love the final two lines – wondrous 🙂

  8. I loved poetry when I was in high school and college, even writing some. Then I had to get out into the real world and make money to pay the bills. Here, 35 years later, the Internet has allowed me to rediscover my poetry love.

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