The posings of a poet.


Mother bird and chicks

(Photo: Boston Public Library)

“Life is too heavy without wings,”
said the mother to her hatchlings.

“Then why are only some of us
made to fly?”
Asked one precocious little guy.

“We fly so others will be inspired.”
Replied his mother as required.

“Wouldn’t it rather make them despair
Since they can only taste the air?
It is ever just out of reach.”
Began a sibling as if to preach.

“But that’s just it.” Her mother replied.
“A taste is enough to make them glide.
They build kites and paper planes.
They dream big inside their brains.
Once they see these leave the ground,
Hope in their hearts does abound.”

“But how can Hope break gravity?”
Asked one tyke quite cheekily.

“Ahhhh my child, it’s just the fuel.
They add to Hope another tool.
One they call Passion or Desire.
It burns within, hotter than fire.”

“It burns them, but does not consume?”
Fired off ‘ere she could resume.

“Oh it consumes their every thought
And burns away until is wrought
the Dream in Life, wings of their own.
That my child is how they’ve flown.”

“But to us it comes naturally!”
“Yes my child, but can’t you see?
We can only master the air
They can fly, child, ANYWHERE!”


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24 thoughts on “Flightful

  1. Beautiful….beyond measure. I needed to read this. I feel my wings are clipped at the moment but have hope I can fly again somehow! Thank you.

  2. ~Lady Day on said:

    first email at the top of my list…and it is an inspiring read my friend:)

  3. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche) on said:

    It really is a beautiful work, with honest voice you have again penned down a beautiful verse. It rhymes so well, I’m in awe. Burning poetic fuel you take along, to draw pictures of life and purpose. Inspiring read at this hour of nocturnal bliss.
    Thank you.

  4. …..and even in the darkest night, the lark knows the way to home…….. Beautiful, Dan. I’ve said it before, but in case you missed it – these would make lovely children’s books……. ~ Love, Bobbie

  5. Oh, I love this, Dan. An enchanting story, full of wisdom!

  6. Now – you are just something else Dan!! This is magnificent once again. Seems so natural and easy for you — do they come quickly? Have you always had such a gift? Really enjoyed, and am ready to soar after reading 😉

    • They really do just flow once I choose a group of characters, but I am often almost surprised how they draw themselves forward and to a close. Since I began in the ninth grade, rhyme has called and I have played. Like the Giving Tree she gives me shade, and that is how these stories are made. 😉 How’s that for an answer?

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