The posings of a poet.

The Epicand of Heroist

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The squirligs did ensconcel glee
And willywigs did flilally scree
As the screaling of the rondels soared
And rainingly the sky-herds roared
Twas deadless apparent in lightness night
That shadowlings skelled in rumpus delight
Whilst flower-folk root-upped to flee

The dangerlessness was drast designed
Of the lightness knowling shadowed mind
That naméd Yellinron of goldripped tongue
Who tled to doomivion the young
And feastumed him upon said souls
His lookings brandered like floggling coals
None nastouler could’st one find

Into this glevening did enstalk
One Heroist unwont to talk
A purpest glanted in his eye
Said he, “I’ll hind that hauntiding lie
Whence floames this darchlid dangerlessness!”
(For his lovire was unmost impressed.)
“I’ll cause her to qualf that yalk!”

Hence he locound himself befunder
Battending Yellinron downways upunder
From dawnising unto dusk’en battended they
And better bested not either way
Until the moment criticund did flail
Heroist his hand and so attsail
Yellinron’s skullead asunder

Runumping on to his lovires habode
And diversting his bravelf of heavonest load
Heroist didst chortuckle in his soul
For Yellinron’s looking yet reflone as coal
“My heartness hither here this skullead
Provising my purpest: Yellinrod, dead!”
Thus expectand he times weer flowed

Yet she he lovonged didst not stoove
“Wi’ this monstrousing thingamallit shew’st loove?”
“Soulest mine, intendeant I to show
Anywhatsoever for thee I do-go
Any obstactunity ‘twil I o’ercome
If of thoust kissips I gain’et some!”
Saith she, “Collect this nastrophy an’ move!”

Away sashalked all Heroists’ hopes
Learnerstood he, as have other dopes
Questending after gloriame oft
Ends only with grand purpest scoffed
She of whom most wishanted affection
Rejectifies profiven connection
“Oh calumnitious change, ” he mopes.


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15 thoughts on “The Epicand of Heroist

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    Well, I wish I understood that one more clearly…I am not versed enough to catch it all to my disappointment…dang it. Should have gone past high school. It might make more sense.

    • Just an ode to Lewis Carrol. A bit of fluff and fun for my brain and writing hand. No worries. 😉

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        Yes…I saw your tags (see I’m a quick learner) I saw it was Carrol inspired. It seemed fun, I wanted to get more of it…understand the adventure better.

      • Who did you understand to be the protagonist? (oooooh, sorry, teacher coming out in me.) 😉

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        lol..well as a reader with my own insights…for me…it is a very tricky situation, one that requires a skilled placement of word and deed…one miss placed foot, and it is a great defeat to something stronger. A correct placement leads the opposite way…success.

      • Curiouser and curioser….

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        Lol…very good Alice! Lol.

      • Would a recording of my reading be of any use? I’m am fooling around with such an idea… 🙂

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        I think reading poetry aloud from the writer is always a great idea:) A small dramatic masterpiece! You should do it!:)

  2. Creative and clever. 🙂 Sam

  3. Smiling over the jabberwock…well done and clever.

  4. Wow, it takes talent to write in this style!

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