The posings of a poet.


Synthetic made gold crystals by the chemical t...

Purity >99.99%


Mi’lady I am versed in ‘lusion
’round here we ‘lude to magic
I’ll speak on’t in collusion
You’ll see oft’ change ’tis tragic

Ya’ see ’tis I write in ‘lision
a ‘chemist taught me how ta’ change
‘tween ‘lixir and phil’sophic collision
’twill turn a livin’ mos’ passin’ strange

Ev’ry e’en I return to turn to base
‘mental truths herein ‘re told
An’ you’re drawin’ t’ward th’ place
Seekin’ a’ter person’ed gold

An’ ya’ hold me up to th’ light
Oh how ’tis I’ll up an’ glitter
But beware mi’lady a’ th’ sight
Tha’ ya’ keep ‘way from turnin’ bitter


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5 thoughts on “‘Lision

  1. ~Lady Day on said:

    Ah, well always the worry of bitterness eh? Some know not how to thwart it…to their own pain. That is a sad thing…loved this write dear sir. 🙂

  2. LOL……….always refreshing!

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