The posings of a poet.


Doing bad things with body parts behind the sh...

(Photo: Big Fat Rat)

Once when
       I thought
          of what
              drew me
You’d not be
        my choice
            of where to
But I
     see how
              I was
And with your
            my desire
                is taken
My eyes
       always alight
              on you
                   in a crowd
My body
       and I’m not
            too proud
To follow
    with eyes
        hands and all such
Until the moment

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16 thoughts on “Cuerpo

  1. Made me think of “all that glitters is not gold…”…enjoyed the poem.

  2. I love how the layout of the poem builds up suspense after each line. Excellent!

  3. ~Lady Day on said:

    Ah, romantic Dan is out again. This is lovely writing. Beautiful and soulful. Have a great day.

    • I’m a Soul Man, da-da-dah, da-da-dah! Suglasses? Check. Black suit? Check. ROOOOOAD TRIP!

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        lol…this makes me laugh, always a character you are. Thanks for making me laugh, when again, I wasn’t sure I was in a laughing mood.

      • Laughter is the best medicine, just call me Dr. Dan!

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        lol…and the Dr. said…’No more monkeys jumping on the bed’…lol, this is all that came to mind, based on the company I keep.lol

      • Good advice…after all the mind is a terrible thing to waste, and the waist is a terrible thing to mind!

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        lol…I’m now tracking back to the original write being commented on…you are too funny today, I had forgotten what you piece of writing was about…lol

  4. inspired………… 🙂

  5. whew! hot poetry. interesting layout. I have not tried too much in poetry designs but you inspire me to give it a try. I am liking your blog…lots! hugs, pat

  6. Like the “breadcrumb feed” approach here – makes the ending even more effective. 🙂

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