The posings of a poet.


ezimba-web- Textures - Ink on Old Parchment

If I am to survive the test of time and detection
I know which power I’ll choose as protection
As my words traverse history

Strength in itself is not enough to reach that portal
Nor intelligence nor favor nor riches make any immortal
Nor allow words to become transitory

Theme focus and desire cannot be the goal means or end
If my thoughts to a future self I intend to send
And shine as through clerestory

I must choose of course such as is more subtle than force
Aught which might never be retraced to its source
My weapon thus be mystery


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13 thoughts on “Obscura

  1. The choice of words was great, and the rhythm of the poem is very good. Still I felt you had a rough time writing the final verses of each stanza, but then finding words that rhymed wasn’t a small challenge.

    Very nice! But I think it would have worked better if you had placed your image so that it doesn’t break your verses. It can make reading the poem confusing. Lastly, I think you made a typo. “Transistory” should be transitory, maybe?

    Good job!

    • Many thanks for your input. It was difficult to get from “history” to “mystery”, but I am happy with the effect.
      I have edited both the image location and my typo.
      Thanks again, and Welcome. ~Regards, Dan

  2. ~Lady Day on said:

    Now that I have a minute…I can say…I whole heartedly agree…this last longer than our dying exteriors. Words may last…it’s why I said, we are the greats of our time, even if only in our minds…they’ll appreciate us when we’re dead…lol All the great artists are revered after they die.

    • Let’s do fake funerals like Witness Protection for each other! Poet Promotion Program, wait that’s PPP, no one will want to come near it!

      • ~Lady Day on said:

        LOL…right about now, this sounds like a great idea…emerging yet very anonymously again…lol

  3. David on said:

    your weaponry must be mystery, buttttt it must be impactful in its silent shrouds

  4. Enjoyed this very much and thanks for the link about the history of serendipity 🙂

  5. Your poetry is strong, clever, witty, obscure enough to make me want to read it again. hugs, pat

  6. Deborah Avila on said:

    Eclectically excellent ~ Deborah

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