The posings of a poet.


preacher jack preaches

(Photo: Pierre LaScott)

I dared a deity
To confront mediocrity
He answered complicitly
With all alacrity
I replied hesitantly
With what I knew intimately
All listened quietly
As that voice spoke powerfully
I stood incredulously
It flowed so naturally
Connected so deeply
With an unseen reality
It changed me spiritually
Left me so stunningly
And staring unblinkingly
Realizing that breathlessly
My fleece had been easily
Dried oh so thoroughly
As I was soaked inwardly
Then tears flowed honestly
My words landed heavily
As I offered sincerity
If details are deviltry
Then the whole must be holy

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10 thoughts on “Prayerfully

  1. how did you do that!Dan~!the end of each line all are "y" words

  2. Find out why I’m not getting email notifications –? I will need to remember to visit in the interim 😉

  3. ~Lady Day on said:

    Lovely word play…always love these one, even if it takes a longer timee for me to unravel them 🙂

  4. Cool way of doing a poem. I don’t think I’ve ever really seen one quite like that before.

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